2nd cycle

Hello everyone!

Apologies for not writing in a while, time flies, visitors come, and all of a sudden it’s 5 weeks later.

Some of you started worrying, but there is no need to worry, because everything has been going quite smoothly so far.

I will go for my 7th treatment tomorrow. Thursdays are my treatment days and every week somebody else escorts me to the doctors and chemo ward. I have my private shuttle service , I am so priviliged with all of the great friends and families I have got.

My last weeks and treatments went alright, except for me starting to loose my hair. If I am fortunate my hair will only thinnen and I don’t need to shave it of. But it is a real pain, there is hair everywhere: on my pillow, in the bathroom, on my shoulders, on Alwyn….. I loose more hair then our dog Ms. Tipsy is loosing in the house. It is not nice at all, but part of the chemo. I started to wear hats, so I do not “distribute” them everywhere, and I actually quite like it. The hair falls out quite evenly, so luckily no big patches on my scull. But if it gets a lot more I will shave it of and obviously let you know…..

But luckily with the bad part always comes a good part: my lumps in my breast are already getting smaller! I could feel it myself and the docotor too, and we were quite impressed! I have had the treatment for 6 weeks only, and already such a success! I will go for my first scans and exams on the 19th May and a few days later I will have my first proven results. It definetly is a good start, and hopefully it will carry on like that.

I have joined a non-profit organisation called “breastbuddies” and I have my personal buddy Nikki. She has got exactly the same symptoms like me, and has also been on this trial I am on. It is an enormous help to have somebody like her, because nobody can really understand what you are going through, except if you have been through it yourself. Nikki had positive results for 7 months, her liver lesions disappeared completely, however she started getting immune against the medicine, and had to change to a different chemo. I can share everything with her, and I often feel the same way as she has felt.

Nikki, you are an amazing fighter, and I know you are going to kick the “red devil” into hell where it belongs. Thanks for all your support!

Autum has arrived in South Africa and it is a beautiful time. Everything gets brown, yellow, red and golden, the cape looks beautifully. We have had quite a few cold days, but in general it is still over 20 degrees a day. At night it can get quite cold though, but luckily we have a nice fireplace at home.  I do get cold quite quickly now, and also my senses are playing games with me: smelling things more intensively, hot water feels cold etc., but I can cope with that and actually think it is quite funny.

Thanks for all your continous support, in what ever kind of way I receive it. It really helps me to keep fighting, stay positive and enjoy the life I am leading.

Many hugs and much love to all of you around the world!


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9 Responses to 2nd cycle

  1. Nikki says:

    Awwwww – you’re so sweet my friend

    Very glad that we met – makes the jorney so much easier for me and you… You have done so well so far and you have always managed to keep the spirits up and to continue fighting. I hope you’re first CT scan shows some unbelievable results. I actually have chemo on the 19th so I’ll be there for some moral support hun!

  2. Lori & Kosie says:

    Love you!!!

  3. Aygül says:

    You are always on my mind my dearest and precious Helen. I know you will win this fight – “devam, devam”. I am sending you a lot of positive energies and a huge hug. I wish I could be there with you.
    Love you

  4. mum amd dad says:

    That`s our girlie ….. always look on the bright side of life, even if your hair`s falling out. At least its not your teeth – they DON`T come back!! And whatever happens on the outside can be improved later, once we´ve got the inside put right again. You`re doing a great job and we`re so proud of you. Love to you and all your team of supporters and all the great nurses and doctors at Panorama clinic. We`re with you every day.

  5. sarah says:

    hello beautiful cous
    so great to hear from you and your fantastic news…what’s a bit of hair falling out eh!! you would look fabulous with no hair anyhow! sending you love, energy and happiness…keep loving life and everything it throws your way…you are magnificent honey.

  6. moni says:

    Liebe Helen, meine Gedanken wandern sehr oft zu Dir und ich wünsche Dir Dein Humor nie abhanden kommt und die Therapie weiter erfolgreich verläuft. Ich genieße in Ellwangen auch das herrliche Sommerwetter, wenn auch die Natur dringend Regen bräuchte. Aber ich lerne von Dir – alles mit positiven Augen anschauen. Also mach’s weiter gut. Herzliche schwäbische Grüße von Moni

  7. Judith says:

    Ja, LOVE YOU! bringt es auf den punkt. meine liebe, ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel kraft. ich denke so viel an dich. du bist die stärkste. fühl dich fest umarmt und geküsst.

  8. André says:

    Hey Puppe- bleib stark! Wir sind in Gedanken bei Dir und schicken Dir viel Kraft. STAY STRONG HONEY, N+A

  9. Marie van Dyk says:

    ongelooflike storie. Marie van Dyk- Gerda se Ma

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