First results: 1-0 for the harder the better

Good day to everyone!

It really has been a very good day for me, and I am still quite thrilled about the results:

1. the cancer did not spread any further!

2. the liver lesions shrunk!

3. the lymphnodes shrunk!

4. the knots in my left breasts shrunk!

They measure it all on a diameter and it shrunk from 10.57 cm down to 6.37 cm, which is almost 50% ! My doctor said it is an outstanding result! And we think so too! Wow, my emotions are going wild now…… I am so happy!

Thank you for all of you out there, for the support and strength. I wouldn’t have managed without you, to get these kind of results, that is for sure. Thank you dear God for looking after me so well and for everyone who’s praying for me!

Now I have to focus and try to keep on this path. Worst case could be anything, from cancer growing and spreading again, to changing to a stronger chemotherapy, surgery, radiation etc. But we are hoping for the best case which would be complete recovery without any further necessary treatments only follow-ups!

I also started my 3rd cycle today, which went well as usual. Every cycle takes 4 weeks and after the 6th cycle the doctors will decide how we will carry on. So everything is open, a lot to come and I am battling until I have won this fight.

Love to you all, many thanks again, and let’s all keep on going strong, healthy and be happy!


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17 Responses to First results: 1-0 for the harder the better

  1. Kristina Krause says:

    super news!weiter so….go harder go harder!!!!!!!!

  2. Mudda metje says:

    Du bist unsere Kämpferin!!!….super…!!!!bussi von den Jungs und mir

  3. sarah says:

    you are an incredible woman! keep it up, all that enthusiasm for life and no dis-ease can come anywhere near you…..
    thinking of you every day dear cous, lighting a candle to give thanks to the world.
    love you

  4. André says:

    das ist so schön Spatzel, weiter in die nächste Runde!!!

  5. Aygül says:

    My sweetie Helen,
    I am so happy to hear the good news. I have been thinking of you a lot. Actually I was very excited today. Before I checked your blog I looked into the sky and sent you my best wishes to the universe. You are my brave hero. You win!
    Love you, hug you, miss you.
    Your Aygüle-Gül

  6. Katha says:

    yeah baby! weider so! 🙂

  7. good for you helen!!! keep it up!!!

  8. Papa de France says:

    Bonjour ma Fillotte,

    Félicitation pour cette immense détermination qui te permet de rester “la plus Forte la Meilleure”
    Maman vient de partir au boulot en pleine forme grâce à ces bonnes nouvelles.
    Merci à tous tes amis de te soutenir comme ils le font, je suis persuadé que c’est une des meilleures thérapies…
    Nous t’aimons et pensons tous les jours à toi.
    Ta famille de France

  9. Asbjørn says:

    Good news! Wir denken an Dich!
    Ganz liebe Grüße
    Asbjørn & Pedi

    • mum, dad and Britta says:

      You know now why your favourite film for years was “Braveheart” – that`s our new name for you now, girlie. A Braveheart amongst all the Badenhorsts, not even the baddest of bad boys can beat that mixture! Our love from “up North” to all those great people surrounding you “down South”. Keep up the good work!

  10. Anna says:

    Es freut mich sooooo sehr das zu hören! All the best for you, Helen, we don´t stop thinking about you and sending you lots of power and energy!

    Big hug,

  11. Lori says:

    Amper daar! Keep the faith onsa liefste Helen!

  12. Michi says:

    Love you Heli!
    Fantastic news. Keep on pushing for 2-0! You’re such a great sport + you’ve got the strongest team, great coaches and worldclass fans behind you.
    -> You’ve got it all together to make this a clean sweep :-)!

    All our love & strong Henrich support!

  13. Iris Knellwirt says:

    Ola Hübsche,
    allerliebste Kuhsine du bist das stärkste Menschlein überhaupt. Wir freuen uns unsäglich mit dir und es vergeht kein Tag und dickes Daumendrücken.
    Mach weiter und bleib so wie du bist,
    kannst sonst auch meine Zöppe kriegen, und ich strick dir was warmes für den Herbst.
    Chapeau; und Küsschen, ich liebe dich,
    G P p p K

  14. Olaf says:

    Go Go Go! Weiter so, Helen! Du packst das!

  15. Alwyn says:

    Well done my engel. Ek is so trots op jou. jy is n ongelooklike fighter. Saam met God en al die vriende en familie se ondersteuning sal jy dit maak. kick some bad boys ass.

  16. Elly says:

    Harder, Harder as your favorite DJ Scooter will tell you 😉
    You are indeed a Braveheart and even inspire me with your attitude!
    Keep up that sword and fight it. Thinking of you always!

    From Paris with Love

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