still going strong


I am getting to the end of cycle 3 this week, and I am still going strong.  Autumn has arrived and with it comes a lot of rain and wind. But so far it hasn’t been too bad and we do get a lot of nice days in between. However I get cold very easily so I walk around with my big winter jacket, always got my hat on ( got a selection of 5 by now) and wear socks when I go to bed! My immune system gets weaker, and I have had a few infections, but all not too bad and I try to treat them with all kinds of herbal teas, vitamins, minerals, etc. as I do not want to put more chemicals in my body. I have asked the doctors to reduce my cortison dosis, because I picked up more than 8kg ever since I have started, and I feel bloated. I have lost 2 kg’s so far- Wohooo!

Other than that, I keep myself busy, with various things, since it is difficult to keep my feet still: going with Ms. Tipsy for walks/runs, I started sewing, helping out at a friend’s attorney’s office, getting Alwyn’s house in shape, visiting friends and family etc. I am currently thinking how Alwyn and me could set up our own business i.e. a German- South African exporting-importing company, but it is quite difficult, since a lot of expats are already doing so, and it is hard to find a gap where there is a lot of demand. Any suggestions are welcome.

So as you can see, my life is carrying on quite normal . We were planning to come over for christmas this year, but I will still be busy with treatment and therefore need to postpone it all to 2012.  But then I hope we can celebrate a full recovery!

Bye for now from our new chemotherapy ward! (We used to be in the basement, with hardly any windows. Now we moved to a different place and the patients have got a floor to ceiling window and we can look over the stunning Stellenbosch mountains.)

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3 Responses to still going strong

  1. Elly says:

    hey Harder, make friends with the German Ambassador, the Commercial Attache or porbs the IHK or AHK office in South Africa, they might give you some ideas.
    By the way there is a food exhibition coming up in a few weeks 17-19 July
    maybe you get some ideas there? or meet some companies that are trying to enter a market and are looking for an agent/distributor/importer in South Africa.
    I recommend to visit any kinds of exhibitions to be honest and you can get a good feel of whats out there and what could be interesting for you to work with.
    You never know what could come up.

    good luck

  2. sarah says:

    hey girlie!
    looking great! I have been on the look out for some cool hats for you…nothings turned up as of yet…but will send them out as soon as i find them!
    Thank you for the up to dates..its so fabulous to hear that you are on top of it all and looking into creating a business.
    much love to you

  3. Aygül says:

    Hello my sunshine,
    Keep it up! I am so proud of you.
    Don’t bother about your weight. It’s just temporary. I know you will get rid of it. Let me be your personal trainer and let’s rock our bodies 😉
    I am not familiar with Alwyns business and therefore not able to give some input. But I think Elly gave you some very good recommendations. Think about it.
    Today is Thursday, your treatment day. Remember I am with you mentally and send you power and positive energies. You win!
    Love and a huge hug to you.

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