and they keep on shrinking…..

….. oh yes they are…. aber sowas von sag ich euch! 😉

Got a physical check up and a heart test done. Sometimes the chemotherapy can weaken your heartmuscle, because it takes a lot of strength from your body. But my heart is pounding like any normal healthy person, it hasn’t changed at all since the beginning of my chemo. Strike 1 !

Secondly my physical check up went well too, and me and the doctors can not feel the lumps at all anymore. Can you believe it?! I can not put it into words how happy this makes me.  Strike 2 !

I hope and pray it will stay like that, because I know from other fellow fighters that things can change from one month to the other. So I am thankful for every good result, sign etc. I get and hope it will stay like this.

Me and two fellow fighters are busy setting everything up for our “mad hatters tea” in August. We are trying to get some funding for , the costs can go up to 100 thousands of Rands sometimes. And it so important to spread the word and make all you ladies aware to look after our precious boobies! As I mentioned on facebook before: If only women would pay as much attention to our boobies as our men do!!!

Today at chemo I fell asleep as usual, and I had a nightmare. I dreamt my Oncologist Dr. Pienaar came up to me and said from now on I have to drink all the medication. It was so real and they started giving me little cups to drink. I was shivering and just could not swollow anything. Luckily I woke up, and I found myself in my cosy chair and everything was back to normal! These drugs are hectic!!!

I also start getting a chemo brain. Forgetting little things lately. But it’ll go back to normal after a while they say. In a way it is funny, as long as it doesn’t get worse!

Ok that’s all folks!!

Ich sage Dankeschön, und Auf Wiedersehen, schauen Sie bald wieder rein…. denn das find ich fein!!!

Love & hugs,


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7 Responses to and they keep on shrinking…..

  1. thomas harder says:

    On it, like vomit!!! nice little sissie! keep bullying them lumps and like you said looka after your boobies ladies! the same way we do!

  2. Lori says:

    Yay yay yay!!!! Lief jou !

  3. sarah says:

    keep going harder! you are AMAZING, phenomenal woman!

  4. Alwyn says:

    GREAT stuff my love. just keep up the good work by fighting the bad boys. You are the best and I love you so much.

  5. mum, dad and Britta says:

    That kind of news makes us ALL happy, girlie. Big beaming faces here in Glenridding since we heard that things are still going so well. Don`t let up, keep on going strong, fight the good fight with all your might as we know you will. That ship is in full sail as Dr Raats told you it would be. And don`t worry too much about you chemo brain; your dad and I have been lving happily with that condition (under another name, perhaps) for years!!
    Big Cumbrian hugs,
    mum + dad

  6. Aygül says:

    Yes, yippie yeah!
    “Devam, devam liebste Helen.” I believe in you, keep on.
    Great news, thank God.
    You win!
    Love you

  7. Aygül says:

    Liebste Helen,
    You are always on my mind, especially on your treatment days.
    I am with you, sending you positive energies and power.
    Love you, hug you.

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