2nd results: 2-0 for a phenomenal freak

yes… that’s how my Dr. Raats called me, after receiving the results. And we all had a big laugh of relief with tears running down our faces.

Alwyn took me to the hospital this morning and we both were positive but nervous. After going for my scans and reading all the lovely comments on facebook, it somehow felt to me that the world was standing still for a moment. I couldn’t think or do anything else, just waiting for the call the results have arrived….

I haven’t seen the details yet, they are still writing the report, but they measured the lesions and they are down from 12.7cm down to 4 cm within four months. Dr. Raats said it is an outstanding result. And so do we think of course! I can not describe how I felt in this moment, it is so moving and it feels somehow unreal.

How ever he had to tell me as well, that I will always have to live with cancer cells in my body. That is the dangerous part about it, since it already has spread to my liver. But it is under control and it is diminishing and in the medical language they talk about full remission, but never aboute a complete cure. That is a hard fact I need to learn to live with. And I have to say, yes it is hard, but then again, luckily I am Harder!! It is frightening but I will learn to live and cope with it.

And that’s why I started to enjoy life day by day! To appreciate the wonderful family and friends I have and the beautiful life I am leading. We will always have hurdles to take in life, some smaller some bigger, but they are made for us because we can make it.

Ok my dears, I am of for a little celebration now, and hopefully there will be many more to follow!

Hugs, kisses and all my love,


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11 Responses to 2nd results: 2-0 for a phenomenal freak

  1. Johann Vizagie says:

    So proud of you Helen! You are an inspiration to many! To God all the glory!! Love you lots! God Bless! Johann & Andrea

  2. Lori says:

    Super super super news Harder!!! You go girl! X

  3. thomas harder says:

    sweeeet!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

  4. heleen says:

    mann, wie GUT!
    wär SOOOOOO gerne da um dich doll fest zu umarmen….
    wir sind alle unheimlich stolzt auf dich!
    habe dich lieb, meine heli…=)

  5. Aygül says:

    Liebste Helen,
    das ist eine großartige Nachricht. Ich habe ein Lächeln auf dem Gesicht vor Freude.
    Denk daran: Wunder geschehen!
    Devam, devam.
    Habe dich ganz doll lieb und umarme dich.
    Deine Aygül

  6. Iris Knellwirt says:

    Großartig meine Schönste, mach weiter so, raus mit dem Schiet. Ich bin so glücklich mit euch und wünsche ich wäre da. Keep on, lil Kuhsine, Iris

  7. Yvonne says:

    Ach, Helen…!! Was für ein Glück. Wie schön ist das Leben.
    Im Übrigen gilt, was Johann sagte: “you are an inspiration to many”!!


  8. Aygül says:

    Liebste Helen,
    wollte dir schreiben, dass du in meinen Gedanken bist. Ich bewundere dich und bin stolz auf dich. Ich freue mich darauf, dich und deine wunderschönen Waden wieder einmal zu sehen. Ich muss hin und wieder daran denken, wie du meine Hand genommen hast und mit mir durch das Ziel gelaufen bist. Es war eine so schöne Geste und ein toller Moment! Das wiederholen wir eines Tages. Aber ich verschlucke keine Fliege mehr, das sage ich dir.
    Fühl dich ganz doll gedrückt.
    Deine Aygüle-Gül

  9. Aygül says:

    Hello my phenomenal Helen the Harder,
    I am thinking of you, sending you positive energies and power. I know you win, I believe in you.
    Love you, hug you.

  10. D. Ceci says:

    Dear Helen,

    You are always in my thoughts. You are a brave girl and an inspiration to all of us. Big hug.
    D. Ceci

  11. mum, dad and Britta says:

    And last but not least, your mum, dad and half of Schleswig-Holstein are cheering for you too. We all think you`re the greatest freak of all times (apart probably from Jon Putzmann!) So keep up the freaky feeling, girlie. You`re in the best company. Have a great holiday and love to Alwyn

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