bold and beautiful?

I know it has been a while, so I decided pictures say more than words to describe what has happened lately:

After a lot of with at my side,

I woke up many mornings  with a pillow like this  so we decided to take action step by step some loose some win some look alike

it changes your style in many ways

my loved ones like it and me too!

I am starting cycle no. 6 this week! After this one (4 weeks to go from now), the doctors will decide how we will carry on. I still hope I can avoid a Mastectomy!By the looks of it I will continue with another 2-4 cycles of chemo in hope I can get into full remission!

Love to you all out there and thanks for your continous support!!!!


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7 Responses to bold and beautiful?

  1. Caroline says:

    You are my hero, Helen!!! Ich denke an Dich und schicke Dir eine feste Umarmung. Kill those bitch-Zellen. Caroline – Dein Lieblingsluder

  2. Bastian (another German in SWest) says:

    Yay! What a lovely-made photo!-love-!story.
    You ar by far the loveleyest skinhead I know!
    All the best with the 6th cocktail round. Kisses & hugs.
    I’ll bug you soon 🙂

  3. Alwyn says:

    Hi my love,thanks for the exstra hair, haha, just want to say you are so Beautiful just the way you are. Keep up the good work by fighting the bad boys. We are there all the way with you. Ich Liebe dich.YOU WILL DO IT.

  4. Stefan says:

    Finde ja, dass die Glatze bei Frauen nach wie vor als modischer Look vollkommen unterschätzt wird! 🙂 Spaß beiseite, deine Fortschritte sind enorm und ich drücke all die 26 Daumen, die ich habe für dich. Liebste Grüße in den Süden, Mr. Djibouti

  5. Samira says:

    Stischi, Du bist die tollste, stärkste, humorvollste, positivste und schönste Frau, die ich kenne!

  6. Aygül says:

    Hi my sweetie, Your insiside beauty radiats to the outside. I am very proud of you. I would like to send Alwyn a message as well: Alwyn, You too are a hero and such a great person. Thank you for taking care of my precious Helen. You both are amazing! Love you my dearest Helen. My best, hugs and kisses. Your Aygüle-Gül

  7. mum, dad and Britta says:

    No question mark needed, girlie – you ARE bold and beautiful!! Forget Annie Lennox and co. – you beat them all. No matter what they take away from you, they`ll never take away your very special aura. And now your brother has joined the team too – at least that means there`s less of him reeking of fish and chips, I suppose. There was a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about Alwyn with more hair, but we prefer the original, don`t you? Keep going, keep fighting and keep that cheeky smile. Lots of love to you both and to the family around you, mum and dad

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