signed, sealed, delivered- I’m theirs!

… it has been a couple of hard weeks for me, to make a ecision on what kind of treatment is best for you is not the easiest and takes a lot of strain. Obviously we looked at the advantages and disadvantages, but they were quite similar. I consulted a couple of more doctors, even back in Germany and after a while my decision to go onto another trial was made.

On Thursday I signed the contract with Böhringer – Ingelheim a german pharmaceutical company, so it better be good!!! The aim of this trial is to compare to medications with the chemo Vinoralbine. It will either be Herceptin or BIBW, I will only get to know on the day of my 1st treatment. I am still in the progress of screening, the sponsor is checking if I am the right candidate for the trial, and once 30 days of my last treatment have passed, which will be on October 1st, I may begin. I can always stop the trial at any time. The reason why I chose the trial, is because I will be more closely monitored and if I do not show any positive reaction I can still do the other treatment. I couldn’t have done it the other way round. The patients who have been on this trial so far, have showed satisfying results, so hopefully it will be the same for me.

As I mentioned the last few week, weren’t the easiest. I slowly begin to realize what is lying ahead of me and that I always have to be more cautious about myself. Also to make a decision like this, is very tyring, because no one can tell you what is best, since every patient reacts differently.

Since I have been of chemo, I haven’t felt a lot of changes to my body. I can not say that I feel better or worse, I fell pretty much the same. I am trying to loose a few kilos, and go for a run every morning but to get rid of the gained weight isn’t the easiest. All this cortison and steroids in my body, they are very resistant.

I have started an online course at the University of Cape Town and am studying “small business management” now. I really enjoy it, and hopefully in a few years I can bear my first fruit. I am trying to expand Alwyn and Dirk’s company BAHA Entertainment a little more. Many ideas in mind, so little time, and I always have to remind myself to take it easy- I guess it will be something that will be with me for the rest of my life as well.

Spring time has arrived in South Africa and today we had our first day at the beach, with 26 degrees. The whale season has also begun so hopefully we will catch a glimpse of them soon.

Until the next session starts I will enjoy my medication free time. It definitely feels mentaly so much better not to be druged the whole time.

Much love and even more hugs,


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5 Responses to signed, sealed, delivered- I’m theirs!

  1. Aygül says:

    Hallo meine süße Studentin,
    die Powerfrau bist doch DU! Wie schön, dass du studierst. Auch bei deiner Behandlung wirst du die richtige Entscheidung getroffen haben. Du bist so besonders, ich bewundere dich. Du verdienst mein Respekt. Ich schicke dir jeden Tag Kraft, Energie und viel Liebe. Fühl dich ganz doll umarmt von Deiner Aygüle-Gül

  2. mum, dad and Britta says:

    Sooooo……. off into the 2nd round we go girlie. You won the 1st one on points anyway, even if you didn`t quite manage the whole knockout. So just show these bad boys what a real toughie you are, trained by your good friend Mr Klitschko and ready for the next “Schlägerei”. A real sticky “tuffy” pudding, that`s what you are and all your fans are cheering you on!!

  3. Alwyn says:

    You go my love. We are there all the way with you, I love you with everything inside of me, Hey Soul Sister ……………

  4. Hypo + Janey says:

    Dearest Helen,
    We are crestfallen that your recovery is not quite ‘a simple straight line’, but we think that you are in the best possible place to deal with your continuing challenge. Moreover your inner strength seems huge and you are blessed with the support of Alwyn and his wonderful family (and lots of folk around the planet who are thinking of you). Likewise we both think of – and pray for – you every day. You are an amazing example to us all and we send you both all our love. Janey and Hypo.

  5. skapie says:

    …fühl Dich umarmt, meine Liebe…vermisse Dich so sehr… X

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