…. time flies, it is unbelievable! It goes by even quicker when you are having a good time. That’s what I have had ever since my parents arrived. Summer is here, everyone on holiday, Christmas, presents, surprises,  New Years …. WOW ! And I am so fortunate that I can thoroughly enjoy it all!

I have been doing really well lately, have hardly got any side effects besides being tired every now and then, my stomach a bit upset and my facial rush giving me some serious acne. I look like I am a teenager again. I cope with these side effects easily and get distracted by my parents with nice get aways for the weekend, day trips and simply by spending time together. That’s why it has taken so long to write another blog. I am relaxing and enjoying each day and getting spoilt by all the wonderful people around me.  I have started doing some Yoga and Pilates as well, to keep in shape and also to relax and distress not to worry about each and everything. It does me so good.

We have had a wonderful Christmas in the holiday house of Alwyn’s parents, together with his family and my parents and on New Year’s I got a HUGE surprise and my brother arrived. They have planned it all and kept the secret well and when he walked through the door I just screamed! I really missed my Bouttie and wished so much he could spend some time with us…. and there he was. I was lost for words while tears were running down my face.

It gives me so much strength and hope to have my loved ones around me through these times.

We went back and forth from the holiday house, since I have to go for my treatment weekly, which is still Thursdays, except for this week it will be tomorrow. I must say I am getting a bit tired of my weekly routine and especially of taking tablets. I am so sick and tired of it. My acne got really bad and they took me of part of the treatment again (the targeted one) , like they did in October. Tomorrow I will start it again, on a daily 20mg dosis.

Looking back at 2011 in a way I am glad it is over, but I am also thankful  for it. It has made a lot of changes is my life, changes that were necessary. I am still in the process of approaching the whole cancer battle in a holistic way, because I am convinced that’s the way to win this fight. Still got quite a bit to go, but I know I will get there.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful mails, presents, messages, letters  that I have received for Christmas. I was really bad this year and actually did not send a single postcard, mail or similar. Apologize for that but it has been an adventurous year which was very time and nerve consuming.  It  does not mean I was not thinking about you, I surely was and my gratitude to all the effort you have made.  I want to take my time to answer to all of you slowly but surely.

End of January I will have my next scan, and obviously I am going for a 4-1!

Let’s kick of 2012 with a lot of positive energy and attitude and be prepared for everything that comes up for us. Here we go!

All the best,


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3 Responses to HAPPY, HEALTHY 2012 EVERYONE

  1. Hypo + Janey says:

    Dearest Helen and family,

    We are thrilled to hear of your progress in recent weeks. Also thrilled to hear that your Thomas (with Irish accent) got to SA (we knew he would be coming!!). It is so wonderful you had such a tremendous Christmas with Mum and Dad, Tommy, Alwyn and all his family too. We had a good Christmas up here, much assisted by your latest news. It seems you are doing so well Helen and fighting HARDER all the time. Lots of love, as always xx

  2. heleen says:

    …mwah, mwah, mwah, meine Liebe, war SOOOO schön mit Euch!!!! Ich vermisse dich schon!
    Mach weiter so gut, du bist ein Inspiration für uns Alle, und besonders für mich =)

    X deine leen

  3. Tilo says:

    Liebe Helen,
    wir senden Dir ganz herzliche Grüße aus Berlin. Wir hoffen, Du kannst Dich noch an uns erinnern (Hochzeit Steffi&Olaf). Wir wünschen Dir alles alles alles (und immer eins mehr) Gute und wieterhin viel Lebensmut und -kraft und -freude.
    Richi und Tilo

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