We did it, thanks to you!

Oh yes, we did the 110 km of the Cape Argus ride  in 5h28 ! And what an incredible ride it has been, with breathtaking views around the Cape Peninsula and an amazing vibe from Start to Finish. We definitely want to do it again next year.

Thanks to all of your support from near and far, we were able to raise more than R 20.000 which equals to € 2000 ! We are speechless, thrilled, grateful… WOW!!! You guys are amazing.

In the meantime I went to see what the pink drive is doing, in what kind of projects they are involved etc. And I can tell you, they are doing an incredible job out there. They move with the pink truck from hospital to health centre in the lower/non-income areas, to get those ladies, who haven’t got a medical aid and are over 40, to do their yearly breast check up`s and a Mammogram done. If they do get diagnosed with breast cancer or similar they refer them to the Tygerberg hospital, where they get treatment. They make sure they get a transfer to the hospital too, this is were help often fails since most of them can’t even afford to go there. The pink drive also does “Activation days” were they go to bigger companies, events etc. to demonstrate how to do a self examination etc. Their projects are endless and effective and hopefully I wil be able to get more involved.

Meanwhile I had another scan done, and the results were stable. The cancer didn’t grow but also didn’t shrink further. From the doctors point of view still a good sign, because without the treatment it could have grown again. As mentioned before cancer often reacts less the longer you get the treatment . I personally have the gut feeling my body had enough of Chemo. I have dropped out on a few chemo sessions since my blood cells were too low. And I think it is time to move on to give them the final kick. The biggest problem are the lesions in my liver. They can always remove my breasts and lymphnodes if needs be, but they can not remove my liver- it is vital. The way it looks at the moment the lesions are too big to be treated via radiation and also too spread to be cut out. It would leave too much damage to my liver. It made me realize how severe my situation is, which I often forget because I feel so good. It is a bit of a Catch 22: On the one side the doctors say, it is good if you can forget about the cancer, and lead my normal life. But on the other side I shouldn’t, because then I get to active and you do loose the awareness. My body can not take as much as it used to. That is still hard to digest for me. Last week I had a bit of a down, just had enough of it all and do not want the cancer to rule my life! If, then I want to rule the cancer. But it is not always that easy. And sometimes you have to be weak to get strong again. So it was good to let it all out! I feel much better this week. I know it is all part of the journey. And with Alwyn at my side, nothing can harm me!

I also realized how fortunate I am having a medical aid, and so far no financial issues. When I walk through the hospitals in the townships, it is a whole different world. These people need to wait to get treatment, and sometimes help arrives too late…. they are hopelessly overcrowded, understaffed, staff underpaid, little or no equipment etc.

Autums is arriving slowly, and with it the days are getting shorter. So now Alwyn and me can cuddle up and get things ready for our big day, which is taking place on the 27th October this year! It is going to be one hell of a wedding weekend, that is for sure.

My next scan will be middle of May, and then we’ll hopefully know how we’ll continue. Might be another two months of chemo, or a different treatment!

I will keep up the positive thoughts, and what ever is going to happen, I trust will be the rig thing for me to get these bad boys out of my system! FOREVER!


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2 Responses to We did it, thanks to you!

  1. Hypo + Janey says:

    Well done Helen and Alwyn – so glad your ride was such a success. The pink drive sounds like such a worthwhile cause and so necessary.
    We both wish you the best of luck for your scan in May – you are doing so well Helen and we know you can beat the bad boys. You are such a brave and wonderful girl and so lucky to have Alwyn by your side. We think of you both a great deal and look forward to October with great anticipation.
    Lots of love to you both
    Jane and Hyp.

  2. Gerda Pretorius says:

    Helen jy is ‘n inspirasie vir ons Stap Tannies!!

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