Pink drive video & first hair cut

Hello World!

This week we have received the link from the PINK DRIVE for cycling the Cape Argus in March. It is a great Video I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Alwyn and me had to stop during the ride for a quick interview. You see us arriving in the beginning of the Video and then a few statements at the end! The video came out so well;  what an honour to ride for them.

Two weeks ago I had a funny experience whilst driving with Alwyn in the car. He opened up the window and a breeze of fresh air came in. For the first time since July I could actually feel my hair blown by the wind. It was such a great feeling, I told Alwyn to open and close the window a few time and I was laughing like crazy. Moments like these are so special to me and bit by bit I can feel things are getting back to usual, I also lost a bit of weight… Wohoo! So I decided to go to the hairdresser, because I really don’t have a shape at the moment and look a bit like a monkey. I really enjoyed my head massage and love my new look.

And the food we had was so yummy!

Much love,


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4 Responses to Pink drive video & first hair cut

  1. Heli, hab noch keine Frisur gesehen, die Dir besser steht (außer bold natürlich!!!)! Du siehst toll aus!

  2. Kristina Krause says:

    you look hot!steht dir total gut die Frisur!!!

  3. Christina says:

    Sieht super aus!!

  4. Freda van der Merwe says:

    You are a most incredible inspiration! I will most certainly follow your journey, celebrating both the small and big successes.

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