decisions, decisions, decisions

… so here I go, almost finished with my brain radiation. I had my 8th one today (Friday 15th June) and got two more to go, next Monday on Tuesday.

It is actually very quick, only takes 15 min. with preparation and the radiation on my brain itself only 45 sec. each side. I need to lay on a bed, like one does when you go for x-rays. Then they put a kind of net plastic mask on my face which is REALLY tight, to make sure my head does not move during radiation. If you are claustrophobic then it is definitely NOT your thing. You can see a photo below.

Looks like Hanibal in “Silence of the lambs” hey?

So far, I had hardly any side effects, no nausea, no headache, just feel a bit tired and do get exhausted quite quickly. But that’s ok and easy to cope with. I spend valuable with my parents and Alwyn and take it easy, do Yoga and get my reflexology sessions.

Yesterday we went to see my oncologist Dr. Pienaar and discussed my further treatment. My medical aid ( Krankenkasse) did not approve of the chemotherapy (Xeloda and Lapatinib) so we are busy trying to hand it an appeal. There are other options as well, and it is difficult to say which option is the best for me, because every patient reacts differently. So I am not sure, if this is maybe a sign that my medical aid did not approve of the above mentioned treatment, and I should go for the other one, which would be the “red devil” or as we call it now “red bull” since we want to be positive about it. I still have a strong feeling that my anti-oxidant diet and leaving sugar and wheat out has a strong impact on the cancer. Next Wednesday I will go for my scans (abdominal, liver and pelvic) and then we will see. All in all I am still quite positiv. But making these decisions, reading all about cancer and what you should do and shouldn’t does keep your mind very busy and takes a lot of your energy.

So that’s how things are at the moment. Enjoying the nice, sunny winter days in South Africa and fighting further together with my breast buddy Nikki who has started her chemo no. 5, and all the other fellow cancer fighters out there.

Thank you for all your lovely comments via my blog, facebook and Email. Over and over again so encouraging to read all of your words.

Much love,


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4 Responses to decisions, decisions, decisions

  1. Gerda Pretorius says:

    Another lovely sunny day. Hope you are feeling wonderful. The active ingredient in turmeric as I told you is: curcumin.
    Check out this link if you like. Going through all the links and literature and internet studies on cancer must be a full time job.

    Lekker dag.


  2. Andy says:

    So glad to hear that hon. You keep on fighting and you will beat this. We are all behind you. P.S. I think you look scarier than Hannibal Leckter in that mask 😀

  3. Hypo + Janey + great auntie Connie also on this occasion!! says:

    Dear Helen (Alwyn too) we are thinking of you so much and know you will come through this. You are such a fighter. Great Auntie Connie has read your blog and sends all her love, our Andrew and Sarah too. Can’t wait to see you again soonest. Love from Hypo, Jane and Connie.

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