schnipp-schnapp, Haare ab!

last Sunday I had enough with the hair being all over the place again. Where ever you look, where ever I go there is hair. And I started looking like the professor of the movies “back to the future”

Imageyes you may laugh, we did it as well!

So we did schnipp-schnapp Haare ab and you all know the look


and the hats..



Chemo is pretty tough at the moment, have just no energy whatsoever and am not feeling hungry at all. Which is quite unusual for me, hey! So am hanging in there and taking it very, very, very easy and slowly.

Many hugs and even more love & joy!



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8 Responses to schnipp-schnapp, Haare ab!

  1. thomas harder says:

    Ok That means mine are coming off too!!
    photos to follow! love you!

  2. Andy says:

    Mine needs a trim again. I’m with ya Thomas…And of course you Helen. Love and hugs (to Helen not you Thomas lol) xxx

  3. Torben Wichmann says:

    hi helen, das ist doch echt ne riesen scheisse, wünsche dir das beste. gruss torben wichmann

  4. Philip Tarry says:

    I hardly noticed the hair for your rosey cheeks! Loving that tan girl and take care 🙂 Love from all in Wiltshire 🙂 X

  5. Asbjørn says:

    Du bist ne ganz Große ! Dicke Küsse aus Rendsburg von Asbjørn & Petra

  6. miss portugal says:

    a big kiss from lisbon and a bit of sunshine…

  7. iris knellwirt says:

    Boa, es ist so warm hier, wir tun es dir gleich. Sei herzlich gedrückt meine süße Löwenkämpferin, wir freuen uns ganz wahnsinnig auf Dich, Alwyn, Dich, Hossi und Suzi, Dich, die Badenhorsts, Dich.
    Die Kunterbunts

  8. Caroline says:

    Love your rote Bäckchen!! 🙂

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