slowly improving

and feeling better, FINALLY and ABOUT TIME! My ups and downs are still continuing but luckily they are not as bad anymore as they were. I have started Chemo no. 4 (Cisplatin and Gemcitabine, for those who want to know) and am back on the drip. As usual my cycles are 4 weeks, getting chemo on day 1 and day 8. Day 1 takes quite long, almost 5 hours until the drip is finished. This one knocks you out quite a bit, again, feeling nausea and appetite loss, tiredness etc. but it is only for a few days and then it gets better. I had day 8 a couple of days ago (then I only get the Gemcitabine) and that is a quick one, only an hour and is not that tough on your body. I try to drink my veggie smoothies a lot to keep on boosting my immunesystem and love it, take a look:

beetroot licking lips  

My liver is still a bit of a worry. It gives me quite a bit of pain the last 10 days, because it is swollen. I get side stitches and sometimes I have difficulties to breath and then it is sore  when I am lying in bed and to find a comfortable sleeping pose. I have to take some extra cortisone now, to get the swelling down and also some pain killers.

When I look back at my last 1,5 years since I’ve been fighting, i can not believe myself what I have been through, what a rollercoaster ride. All these tabletts I have been taken, all the side effects I have had, all these emotions….. is this really all happening to me?

Samira and myself are working on my book, it will still take a while till it is done, but it is quite amazing to recap all these moments I have been through. Unfortunately I could not go to the book workshop, I was to sick at that stage.

I always have to pull myself together not to get too active when I am feeling better. Then I just want to get outside, embrace the world and do all the things I used to. Very quickly my body shows me that it hasn’t got that strength yet, but I hope I’ll gain it back little by little. I know I have to learn that, little by little and patience, Helen, …. patience….!

On October 27th our BIG day is here and most of our family and friends too, to share our special weekend! It is getting very exciting, yet again, I can not believe it- it is going to be my wedding! October is going to be such an exciting month, with everyone arriving and being Breast Cancer month too, a lot of events are happening.

Sending you all much love and light,


Isn’t she gorgeous our Ms. Tipsy!

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4 Responses to slowly improving

  1. Gerda Pretorius says:

    You are very very brave!!

  2. Eyke Graefe says:

    Love your lipstick Guys !!(especially Alwyns 🙂 )Keep going – you are soo strong! Loads of love

  3. Colle says:

    Keep it up Heli, we are all there- and very soon live!!!!;-)) Col xoxox
    p.s. nice shot!;-)

  4. Caro says:

    Cool pictures! And again: you are the best! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! badabing!!

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