A merry white or warm christmas and a happy, healthy new year

Yes, today the day has come…. we are leaving for our honeymoon and a hopefully white christmas. I am soooooooooooo excited. I haven’t been home for 2 years and am really looking forward to a cold, white christmas and seeing all of my family and friends.

Since I started the “red bull” chemo it has been quite up & down but all in all the side effects are not as bad as expected. I did loose further weight, but more because I don’t have any appetite. The last few weeks were pretty hot too, 33 degrees, and then you feel even less hungry. I also struggle to take deep breaths and have pain in my shoulders now and then. It is weird what chemo does to your body. But I am so thankful that most of the time I feel good. My energy levels are still quite low and I get exhausted quite quickly and sleep a lot. It sometimes hits me and makes me very frustrated, realizing not having the energy levels I used to. Not easy, but I just got to learn to take it easy.

Anyhow, but I got the GOand OK from the doctors so now we are of, with loads of back up medicine in our bags. Can’t wait for the Glühwein smell, snow, Brezel, turkey, Germknödel etc. that we’ll be able to have the next 3 weeks and pick up a few kg’s again.

I haven’t been able to send out our Thank you cards for our weddings and no christmas cards either.  I apologize for that, but will make sure I make up for it in the new year!

My breast buddy Nikki released her 2nd Cancer magazine, and I made it to the front cover and our love story. Have a look at


On the left you can click onto our story.

Alrighty, I better be of and be packing last things.

Thank you all for your continuous support! Where would I be without you all!

Much love & light during the festive season,



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2 Responses to A merry white or warm christmas and a happy, healthy new year

  1. Gerda says:

    Mag Goedheid en Guns julle volg! Have a great time! Merry Christmas. See you in 2013 in the vinyards!!

  2. Pamela says:

    Klasse! Wünsche Euch ganz tolle Weihnachtstage mit Euren Lieben und wunderschöne Flitterwochen. Genießt Eure Reise. Alles Liebe.

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